In-line Water Filters

We have the largest selection of the best quality installed kitchen water filters which you can have with a separate tap or a combined 3-way tap

Drinking Water Filters

Osmio Water have the widest range of In-line and Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Systems for your home kitchen. They work by taking a feed off your cold-water pipe, running the water through the system and then straight into your tap. The systems come with a separate tap which is installed with it or you can connect it to a 3 way (or Triflow Tap) which combines your hot, (unfiltered) cold and your filtered water into one stylish tap which replaces your single kitchen mixer tap.

Unlike, reverse osmosis systems, these have the advantage that they produce no waste water in the process of filtration, and produce very high quality drinking water which can be free of chemicals, bacteria, viruses and many other undesirable ingredients in your water. Reverse osmosis systems are in the highest category of purification and will make the best quality drinking water.

Compare Osmio Water FiltersOur systems are all tested and certified by leading bodies such as NSF or the Water Quality Association. Browse the range below or simply compare our most popular systems for how they filter and treat the water, the system features, prices and average annual running costs.

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