Non-Salt Softeners

Non-salt softeners are the smart and eco-friendly way to treat limescale

At Osmio Water we have a fantastic range of industry-leading scale treatment systems which are a fantastic alternative to a traditional salt water softener, which do not put salty water down the drain. This is an environmental disaster for our fresh water supplies which are in decline. Our waste water needs recycling because of the sever shortages of underground water. There are several other excellent reasons why one would seek an alternative to salt-based water softeners. These include firstly maintenance. Our non-salt systems typically require super easy maintenance and no more lugging of heavy bags of salt. They are cleaner, faster, more hygienic and save you money on maintenance costs too. Not just that, they waste no water and use no electricity. But it gets even better! They are so easy to install and can provide complete scale protection without the need to a separate bypassed hard water supply for drinking and are 100% boiler safe. The scale treatment uses 100% food grade resins which are present in foods we eat and are 100% safe and healthy to consume and used in Brita Jug filters too.

They are designed to protect complete plumbing systems or individual components from the negative effects of water hardness and prevent what is called "hard" scale, the destructive scale that sticks to pipes, valves and other system components. For example inside pipes, boilers, toilets, they totally prevent scale because the water cannot dry. Where water can dry out (on sinks, shower screens, taps etc.) they can leave a bit of residue which is easy to clean off as the limescale mineral residue has not bonded to itself. They are also used as a way to solve corrosion problems and to prevent corrosion. We often hear from people who install salt softeners in new builds with new pipes and they end up with corrosion problems. These softener alternatives solve this problem!

With no salt, no waste, and little or no maintenance, our systems are a much more practical and environmentally friendly solution to the problem of scale. It's so easy and before long, conventional water softeners may be a thing of the past. Many people are skeptical about these products in the UK, but they are leading the way around the world especially in Europe and it's about time you discovered their benefits. If you are still not convinced, just read our customer reviews from real people who have them in their homes of commercial businesses and see for yourself. If you are still not convinced, then our salt-based water softeners are here for you too!

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