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Osmio pH Correction Units

Osmio Water design and configure a range of pH correction units for the treatment of private water supplies. In order for us to provide you with a quote for a system, we need you to provide a recent full water analysis report plus an indication of the flow rate you require and as much information as you can give us generally. This is to ensure we specify a system fit for purpose.

What is water pH?

"Pure" Water pH is considered to have a neutral pH of 7 on the pH scale. This acts as a reference point for testing the acidity or alkalinity. Although the pH of "pure" water is 7, mains tap water and natural water from private sources (wells, boreholes, rivers, streams etc.) exhibit a range of pH scores because of the varied levels of dissolved solids and gases.

pH Scale


Private Water Supply Regulations 

According to the Private Water Supply regulations in the UK, pH needs to be controlled with the permissible value of 6.5 to pH 9.5. Water with a pH less than 6.5 is considered acidic. This means the water can be corrosive and has the potential to damage hot water tanks, pipes, household fittings and plumbing fixtures. Highly acidic pH values are highly undesirable as there may also be health implications and therefore should be avoided. If your internal pipes are made of copper, then your water may have high levels of copper levels in addition to the higher than usual levels of heavy metals found in acidic water.

The pH Correction solution

Osmio Water are specialists in the design and configuration of pH correction units. We have a range of pressure vessel containing a bed of pH correction media which contain a mixture according to the attributes of your own water. Therefore, no two pH correction units are ever alike as we build them according to your specific requirements.

Firstly, send us a recent water test report and the level of flow rate required for the application. It is important that your water have sufficient contact time with the pH correction media to ensure the acidity is neutralized. For this reason it is important to have a good indication of the number of litres per minute which are used in the property at the peak time. This is known as the maximum flow rate. If you need help to find out your flow rates, click here to visit our guide to measuring your flow rate.

Another consideration is the physical space that is available for the treatment tank. In some instances it may not be possible to install a large treatment tank, so two small treatment tanks working together will often work better. Whatever the situation, we are committed to designing a system which will meet your needs for any size and situation.

We will design and configure a system to meet your needs. Your system will need to be professionally installed at the point of entry to ensure all the water is treated at your pipes branch off around the property.


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