Electronic Water Softeners

Osmio Water supply a range of fine quality domestic and commercial electronic Water Softeners which require the use of a power supply and have the added advantage of being fully programmable. They are available in either metered of time clock Clack valves.

Time Clock vs Metered Water Softeners1) Metered Based Water Softeners – This type measures the amount of water consumption and only regenerates when necessary. This saves both salt and water used during the softener regeneration process. This is when the salt solution is mixed with water and backwashed through the tank to recharge the softening resin inside the tank, a bit like recharging a battery. While costing slightly more than timer (clock) based softeners, metered units will lead to savings in salt and water over time.

2) Time Clock Based Water Softeners - Time clock water softeners regenerate on a calendar basis when you set it to do so rather than automatically.

In conclusion, the only real difference is that metered systems are more cost effective but in the long run by saving you salt and water. The reason we offer both is because if your water usage is very regular and predictable, timed systems are absolutely perfect for you and more cost effective.

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