Reverse Osmosis Water Filters

Osmio Zero makes zero waste, needs zero installation, is the most hygienic, and gives the most energy-efficient, purest water at 4 temperatures

The Osmio Zero is the ideal product for any household or workplace with 5 people or less. If you have more, then you may wish to consider the installation of a system.

Our range of reverse osmosis systems are capable of removing over 10,000 known impurities, create pure water, and are the best solution to replace bottled water.  The reverse osmosis membrane splits the water into highly purified water and concentrated waste to achieve this level of purity.  Commercially available bottled water often uses reverse osmosis technology, yet you can have this freshly produced on your countertop.    

Reverse Osmosis Innovations

For years we have sought to improve the technology in three main areas:

Wastewater levels - Reverse Osmosis Systems that use bladder tanks increase waste levels considerably when compared to Direct Flow systems that do not use a tank. If you want to waste a lot less water and have superior water quality use the Osmio Direct Flow systems or if you just want the best, then the Osmio Zero is universally preferable to waste no water.

System monitoring - The Osmio Zero and others with computer monitoring measure the membrane performance and alarm if there is a problem. Where this does not feature in other systems, then there is a risk of using fouled water which we have eliminated. We also use the right pressure sensoring to know when to stop pumps from overheating.

Pure hot water - Kettles and instant boiling taps often use metal heating elements that corrode which is why the Osmio Zero is guaranteed to provide corrosion-free osmotic level purity hot water, unlike anything else on the market. We also do not keep water boiling all the time, instead, our technology makes it come out within 3 seconds. 

Key points for installing a reverse osmosis

Pressure - If you have high water pressure, more than 3 bars, then you can use a non-pumped system. If your water pressure is lower than 3 bar or you are not sure, we recommend you use a pumped system. Pressure must be reduced if it exceeds 6 bar.

Power - A pumped system comes with a normal UK 3 pin plug and just needs to be plugged into a nearby electrical socket. If you have any appliances (dishwasher, washing machine etc) next to your installation area (usually the kitchen sink) then it is normally very easy to find a plug socket there. Pumped systems are very quiet and very low power.

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