Osmio Clarity Gravity System

Needing no installation, designed for convenience

We have a range of Gravity Water Filters which are ideal for anyone looking for really high-quality water without the need to install a system, making them ideal for people renting or for campers, adventurists, and anyone traveling where they want assurance of safe water to drink. Our systems are so powerful they can work with untreated river, lake or pond water and are truly the most essential piece of survival equipment. For this reason, we believe everyone should have one, even if you have a system installed.

Gravity filters are very simple, freestanding units that use two containers and a tap spigot. You simply fill the upper chamber with water which filters through the ceramic filter cartridges. Some systems can use up to 4 filters to give you the fastest possible production flow rates.

The filters are advanced and remove completely or reduce to a very high level a wide spectrum of impurities including pathogenic bacteria, parasites and cysts the main cause of diseases such as cholera, dysentery, bilharzia, typhoid, sediment and chemicals, including chlorine, lead and other metals. The filter is fitted with a tap to allow you conveniently dispense the freshly filtered water.

The other type we have are the Counter-top Water Filters which attach conveniently onto your existing kitchen cold water tap without the need for tools or any plumbing. These type of water filters are perfect for rented homes, boats, caravans and motor homes or for any portable needs. Osmio Water provide only the best quality products to produce the ultimate filtration possible, so browse our range below and buy online with fast delivery or call us on 0330 113 7181 for any questions or advice.

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