Simplex Water Softeners

Simplex Water SoftenerPerfect for commercial water softening

Simplex Water Softeners are ideal for large residential and light commercial applications such as large homes, laundry facilities, restaurants, hotels, commercial boilers and so on. They are ideal for when moderate volumes of softened water are required during the normal course of a day, i.e. where usage does not occur 24/7. Simplex water softeners are best sized such that at the very least, one working day of softened water is made available before the system requires a regeneration.

A regeneration occurs when the mineral tank containing the softening resin needs to be backwashed in order to "recharge" the ion exchange ability of the Purolite softening resin to exchange calcium and magnesium (which cause lime scale) with sodium carbonate. During a regeneration cycle, the system will mix a brine (salt) solution in the brine tank and backwash the mineral tank, after which the system then sends the water down to the drain. During this time, the Simplex Softener will not produce softened water, hence the need for sizing the unit according to the capacity between regenerations. 

Regeneration is programmed to occur at a time when there is no demand (typically during the night). The cycle can be programmed to occur according to water hardness and the volume of water used between cycles. Regeneration can also be made manually as and when required.

Our range of Simplex Water Softeners use high grade Purolite Softening Resin, NSF certified Minerals Tanks and the world's most reliable and well-established softener valve on the market today, made in the USA the Clack Valve, so you can ensure you are only buying top quality, reliable and cost-effective equipment. 

Product comparison table

Use the table below to compare the performance of each model in our Simplex Water Softener range. If your needs are not met by the systems below, contact us about our Duplex Water Softener Systems on 0330 113 7181.


Simplex Water Softener Comparison Table


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